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Helping the Homeless

Bags of Compassion

SPAA Activities Interest Survey

Athletics are great, but we strive to create something greater.

Bond Forum

Wed. Sept. 30th

Men of St. Patrick

Mark your calendars and be sure to join us for these morning and evening events

Info Sessions for JustFaith Ministries

Sat. 8/29 at 3:30pm
Mon 8/31 at 6:30pm
Tues. 9/1 at 9:00am


August 22nd – 29th has been designated as a week of prayer to end the evils of Planned Parenthood.

August 2015

Ministry Leader Newsletter

Kevin Saunders Summer Series

Tuesday evenings 8/11 thru 9/1
The Creeds – Their Biblical Backgrounds

Capital Campaign Summer Gathering

Expansion Project Update

Summer Drive for the Homeless and Needy

July 11th and 12th

Catholic Prison Ministry

This Ministry is endorsed by Fr. Eric Tellez. If interested, you may talk with him.


Photos by Ann Hammersly

June 2015 Newsletter

Ministry Leader Update

Cross Culture VBS

Thailand Trek

Three Bishops experience great Hospitality at St. Patrick

Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Nevares

Summer of Prayer Challenge continues...

One Minute of Prayer per Day. Imagine the power of St. Patrick Community praying as one!

Turn Hunger into Hope - Feed My Starving Children

Mobilepack Event July 24th thru 26th at Phx Convention Center – Sign-up after Mass June 20th and 21st

Sharing Radiant Joy

A recap of EDGE Camp

Campaign Donor List

of Gifts and Pledges

Bulletin Bunnies Minsitry


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Fr. Eric Homily Podcast 10/4/15

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Down 10/4/15

with Fr. Eric

Remembering Fr. Ken Kleiber

Fr. Ken served our weekday evening masses for many years and helped with countless confessions.

New Scot Bemis Field at Notre Same Prep

Great opening night

Fr. Eric Homily Podcast 9/27/15

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Down 9/27/15

with Fr. Eric

Fr. Eric Homily Podcast 9/20/15

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Down 9/20/15

with Fr. Eric

Fr. Eric Homily Podcast 9/13/15

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Down 9/13/15

with Fr. Eric


Local - National - Global

The Best of
Catholic Thought

To women who have had an abortion

Pope John Paul II
The Gospel of Life
(Evangelium Vitae 99:3)
1995 Encyclical Letter

Everything Is Connected

The Challenge & Hope of ‘Laudato Si’

Pop Culture’s Ambiguous Definitions of Death

The secular vision of humanity is defective because it sees only fragments and not the whole

The Tightrope of Technology

One hundred fifty. That’s how many times a day the average American checks his or her phone.

Who was the historical Jesus?


Fr. Robert Barron's hospital experience

Let God work out his purposes even through our suffering.

Pope: Clinging to wealth robs people of hope, lures them away from God

Catholic News Service

For Pope Francis, the laity must be formed for their mission in the world

Catholic News Agency

On Monday, a little boy asked Pope Francis: 'What is peace?'

Catholic News Agency

When was the last time you said 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry?' Pope asks

Catholic News Agency

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